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Apty is a digital transformation-oriented digital adoption tool built for enterprises, with quite a few capabilities focused on employee onboarding and a good set of integrations to make sure the product adoption flow is smooth and painless.

Featured Features

We have compiled all the features that Apty promises for you with details.
Guided workflows
Apty’s main feature, guided workflows, help users guide employees through their work
Onboarding checklists
Apty’s onboarding checklists help users keep track of their product education and in-app training.
In-app announcements
Using in-app announcements, Apty helps users keep their users up to date.
Apty offers a relatively strong analytics option compared to its competitors.

Apty Pricing

Apty does not offer fixed pricing, but it does have a free trial.
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Apty is good for

Employee onboarding on different tools:
One of Apty’s unique points of differentiation is its capability to let its users create guided workflows on different tools that do not necessarily belong to them, which is a great addition to any advanced employee onboarding solution.

Change management:
Apty is essentially a change management tool since it focuses heavily on employee product adoption, thus it can be a cool tool in the tech stack for changing businesses.

Apty is bad for

Advanced user onboarding:
While Apty can technically be used for user onboarding, because it was essentially designed for digital adoption of employees, it might not be the best fit for the use case since it has a limited feature set not including necessary user onboarding elements like user surveys.

Fast installation and easy use:
Apty is a tool that is known for being quite hard to set up and it doesn’t necessarily get easier as it requires technical skills and has a steep learning curve.

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“Abandon Assumptions with Apty's data-driven approach ”

The guesstimation is out of the question with Apty's application and workflow insights. With all these insights you can create a personalized workflow that makes a user create maximum impact with minimum efforts. Sometimes you may get overwhelmed but with time you get a hang of it. Apart from this, there is nothing major that I can think of.

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"Great customer service with room for improvement on the technical side"

With each new release of the software, there is a bit of uncertainty in the stability of new features. Requires more attention than preferable with each new switch. Also, our tools are more complex than your standard website and that requires more work and work-arounds than expected when first acquirying a third-party onboarding tool.

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"Useful and Unique Extension"

One thing I dislike is that, user can't go back to the previous step. He/she needs to start the whole process again. Like here I used it with Salesforce and faced this issue.